With the improvement of people's living standards, many roofs are designed as a greening platform, or become a leisure plaza or garden. For the owner enjoy scenery, rest. In this case, waterproofing is very important. If it is not waterproof, we will have big trouble on the roof. Here we introduce: the construction process and precautions of the waterproof roof garden .

Roof garden waterproof construction process

1, leak analysis

Whether it is the original design of a roof garden or the addition of a roof garden on the roof of an already built home, the waterproof and drainage systems of the roof should be destroyed during daily use during and after construction. Leaking water.

2, the original roof waterproof layer defects

Even though the structural layer and the waterproof layer maintain the original practice, the waterproofing layer of the coiled material is generally required on the prefabricated hollow board, so it is still unavoidable that leakage occurs at weak points such as the parapet wall and the gutter edge. Especially for rigid waterproof roofs, the most serious problem is that the waterproof layer may crack and leak after construction. There are many reasons for cracking: roofing thermal expansion and contraction caused by climate change and solar irradiation; warping deformation after roof panels are subjected to stress; roofing changes caused by settlement of foundations or shrinkage of wall bearings, etc.; Material shrinkage deformation and so on.

3, destroyed the original waterproof layer when building the roof garden

The construction of roof gardens on the roof may still be leaky, and many garden constructions are performed on the roof waterproofing layer that is more prone to leakage, which is more likely to cause damage to the roof waterproof layer and cause water leakage. Even if the perforated or buried iron pieces are not pierced, if they are not carefully constructed, the waterproof and drainage structure of the roof will still be damaged, causing the roof to leak. Mounting sometimes destroys the waterproof layer. For example, a shovel used for filling may damage the waterproof layer.

Roof garden water more Water for various plants, pools, fountains, etc. Water is also used very frequently, so that the roof has increased the source of water leakage. The drainage system of the roof of a typical building does not take into account the drainage of water from plants and the drainage of water bodies needed for the construction of roof gardens. In particular, water and pool waste water contain plant roots and leaves and silt and other miscellaneous items. Drainage outlets and pipelines are blocked, causing water accumulation and water leakage on the roof. No matter what causes leakage, people often blame the roof gardens. This has caused social resistance for the promotion of roof gardens. Therefore, the planning, design, construction units and users should all have sufficient understanding to handle the waterproof problem of the roof garden together.

Roof garden waterproof construction precautions

1, the base surface requirements

The base surface is clean, the moisture content is not more than 9%, and it is flat and compact. The nodes are neat and complete and meet the requirements.

2, the first waterproof layer

(1) laying a flexible waterproof layer, select paint or membrane can be. The construction conditions require that the base surface moisture content is not more than 9%, so it is suitable for construction in summer when the weather is hot and after 5 days of clear weather. After completion, water storage experiments should be done.

(2) For waterproofing of paints, take "one cloth and two coats" as an example: After cleaning the base layer, brush it all over again, dry it and form a layer of glass fiber cloth carcass reinforcement material, and lay it flat. The surface is covered with a layer of paint, dried, and the next time the paint is applied. The total thickness of the waterproof coating should be 3 mm or more.

(3) If the construction of waterproof membrane is done, clean the substrate, brush the adhesive on the opposite side of the membrane and the base layer, paste it from the far and near side according to the good reference line, roll it, and finally do the inspection of the joint. .

3, the second waterproof layer

The laying of a rigid waterproof layer should be carried out about two days after the completion of the first flexible waterproof layer, mainly consisting of high-grade fatty acid mortar waterproofing agent, cement, sand, fine aggregate, and fiber as the basic material. The thickness of the waterproof layer should be 20-30 mm.

(1) According to the requirements of the standard installation of grids, the grid is set to 4000 mm × 4000 mm. Then sprinkle the water so that the base surface is moist but there must be no accumulation of water.

(2) According to the order from far to near, first high and then low, the prepared mortar or fine stone concrete will be constructed one by one, and the same sub-grid will be completed at one time, smoothed and compacted.

(3) After the initial setting, take out the individual bars, calender and trim the individual slots.

(4) Use a flexible sealing material to fill in the grid seams and handle the surface closing. Pay attention to sprinkler maintenance after construction.

(5) Planting soil should be covered within a short time if any soil is planted on the roof.

Editor's summary: The construction process and precautions for the roof garden waterproofing are introduced here. I hope I can help you. For more information, please pay attention to this site.

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