UPA series of domestic pump is the use of advanced foreign technology developed the latest single-phase pipeline shielding pump, also known as hot water circulating pump. Has the advantages of no leakage, low noise, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, easy installation and reliable operation, the following Xiaobian to introduce the main purpose of the UPA-type mute screen automatic household pump? UPA-type mute shield fully automatic household pumps for hot and cold water below 110 ℃ booster cycle. Widely used in homes, factories, units, hot water heaters, radiators, solar energy, machinery and equipment, etc .; conveying pressurized and circulating thin, clean and non-corrosive, non-explosive liquid, solid particles, fiber and mineral oil . Such as: water and other liquids. Can also be applied to urban apartments, suburban villas, residential water supply booster and hot water circulation, cooling systems and air conditioning systems in the liquid circulation, boiler solar water supply and other different areas. UPA-type fully automatic household pump is best for home use, especially because of insufficient water pressure bath ignition or water pressure is not easy to fire, installation of the pump can solve the problem: 1, water tank type, multi-storey roof pressure is not enough Boosting: The apartment on the ground floor and the roof of the nearest residential water tank, due to poor water supply pressure is too small, the water is too small. 2, aquarium fish tank water cycle pressurized: water filtration dirt recycling water, fish pond can add fresh oxygen. 3, industrial equipment, pressurized water recycling: medical equipment, food machinery, injection molding machines, laser equipment, argon arc welding and other industrial equipment cooling cycle, life boiler water supply. 4, the pressure of the water heater is not pressurized: the water heater water pressure is insufficient, the ignition can not. Or shower pressure during use, automatic flameout. UPA series of hot water circulation pump has the advantages of no leakage, low noise, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and reliable operation. UPA automatic household pump is most suitable for home use, especially because of insufficient water pressure due to insufficient ignition or water pressure Instability easily misfire, the installation of the pump can solve many problems, is worthy of our start home pumps. Further reading: IFAT China Guangzhou exhibition industry leaders building water pump manufacturers ranking article belongs to Internet industry (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network Editor: lindj (QQ / WeChat:) Starting: http://beng.liuti.cn/ (Service Hotline:)

Plant Extracts


Plant extracts is a product with plant as raw material, in accordance with the needs of the use of the extracted final products, through the physical and chemical extraction and separation process, to obtain and enrich one or more effective components in the plant, without changing the structure of its effective component. According to the different components of the plant extracts, the formation of glycosides, acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, terpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids, etc. can be divided into vegetable oil, extract, powder, lens and so on.

The plant extracts industry has been developed in recent 20 years, and it is also a new industry between medicine, fine chemical industry and agricultural industry.

Since April 1, 2005, the Ministry of Commerce has implemented six recommended standards for foreign trade and economic cooperation. The six standards are: Hypericum Hypericum extract, angelica extract, Fructus aurantii Immaturus extract, red trifoliate extract, Valeriana extract and green industry standard for medicinal plants and preparations. The Ministry of Commerce, with the implementation of six recommended foreign trade and economic trade standards as the breakthrough point, chooses the varieties of plant extracts with large export volume to formulate standards for foreign trade and economic cooperation.


Plant extracts Attention:


Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.


Wash thoroughly after handling. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Keep container tightly closed. Avoid ingestion and inhalation.


Plant Extracts

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