One of the most eager things after work is not to go home for a shower, but to "Ge Youyi" to have a good rest on the sofa. On the sofa, there is a sponge sofa cushion that will feel more comfortable. The high-density sponge sofa cushion sounds soft and makes people feel very comfortable. Then let Xiaobian take everyone to look at the high-density sponge sofa cushion related content.


First, the introduction of sponge sofa cushion

The sponge sofa cushion is a sofa cushion filled with a sponge, and the outer layer is generally wrapped with cloth and leather. The high-density sponge sofa cushion is a better quality in the sponge sofa cushion. A high-density sponge is a sponge that weighs more than 45 kg per cubic meter of sponge.

Now that the sponge process has been improved, it is no longer advisable to judge the density of the sponge by weight alone. The sponge of the current process is high in density and lighter in weight than previously processed sponges.

High-density sponges do not judge density by weight alone. Generally speaking, the sponge with high density is also high in hardness, but it is not excluded that some high-density sponges will add super soft auxiliaries to make the sponge super soft, which is used for sound absorbing cotton, sofa cushion and soft bag material. Medium density, low density sponges are used as general protective materials. The hardness and hardness of sponges of the same density are also different.

Second, high density sponge sofa cushion

Generally, the density of the sponge for the sofa cushion is about 35, and it has soft, hard, super soft and other specifications. The mattress is generally about 22 feet. The high-density sponge has many pores and fullness, and has the characteristics of absorbing external force, delicate hand feeling, softness and comfort.

Although the sitting feeling will be slightly harder, it is not easily deformed and is heavier than the low-density sponge sofa cushion, and is generally not used for water absorption. The high-density sponge sofa cushion is highly elastic and has a resilient force when pressed by hand.


Generally, you can choose a sponge mat for your home sofa, but you must choose the whole sponge. If it is a cushion made of broken sponge, it may cause problems such as depression, deformation, cushioning and protruding in the process of use. It may be only 3-5 years, and the interior will be filled with some foaming rubber or adhesive, which will cause odor to damage human health.

Inspect whether the whole sponge can gently press the surface of the cushion by hand and gently slide it to check whether the surface is flat and has no seams. You can also pry up the seat cushion and pull the zipper of the sofa cover to see if the lining bag is flat and wrinkle-free. If the filling sponge is spliced, there will be chromatic aberration and splicing marks between the sponges, which can be seen through the lining.

Third, high-density sponge sofa cushion case appreciation

1. This high-density sponge sofa cushion fabric is made of high-grade flannel, which is full of color and full of color. The comfortable touch is accompanied by every warm and poetic afternoon dusk. The inside of the cushion is made of a high-density sponge of 35 or more. It is moderately soft and hard, and it is just right for the peace and quiet of life. The pillows are made of high-grade super-soft cloth and temperature-adjusted, and the interior is filled with doll cotton to make the feeling more comfortable and natural.

2. This high-density foam pad is simple and generous, with perfect curves and fine details. It brings a comfortable touch to the family. Different color combinations, also have different sensory enjoyment, bringing different colors to life.

The fabric is made of the upper layer of burlap fabric, which is comfortable to touch, the fabric has good gloss, close to the skin and comfortable to sit. The interior is filled with a high-density sponge, which has a soft sitting posture, strong bearing pressure, and is not easily deformed. The cushion sponge is about 10 cm thick and has high comfort.

How about, I read the above introduction to the high-density sponge sofa cushion, and I have learned a lot about the high-density sponge sofa cushion. I hope that you can learn more about home improvement knowledge through this article, and you will be able to create a more perfect home environment. Thank you for reading this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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