As we all know, glass door stickers can not only prevent ultraviolet rays, but also have the effect of heat insulation, so they are widely used in various places and are popular among consumers. Pasting glass door stickers is also a technical task. If it is not good, it will directly affect its aesthetics. So what are the tips for glass door stickers ? What should I pay attention to when attaching glass door stickers? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. What are the skills of glass door stickers

1. Before affixing, first measure the size of the glass. The specific method is to measure from the same side of the window. Then prepare some tools to use, such as scrapers, knives, etc. Secondly, it depends on whether these tools are intact, because defective tools will affect the quality of the stickers.

2. After the size of the film is good, then the film can be cut. Before cutting the film, prepare a soft cloth or a small blanket so that the floor will not be damaged when the film is cut. Secondly, the cut film should be cut from its center line. It should be noted here that its size is 5 to 8 mm smaller than the size of glass, so that it is more convenient to paste.

3. Be sure to clean the glass before attaching it to the glass, to ensure that the glass is free of dust, etc., otherwise it will affect the effect of the film.

4. Under normal circumstances, the film is divided into two layers, namely protective film and film. Before applying film to the glass, spray some lubricating fluid to reduce the viscosity of the adhesive layer, and then you can paste it while tearing. If air bubbles are generated during the application, the air bubbles must be scraped out, but the force should not be too strong to avoid scratching the film.

5. When scraping the film to catch the water, use a towel to absorb the water, then trim the uneven corners and tear off the protective film. Then spray a little cleaner after the film is finished and wipe it clean with a rag, so that the glass door is finished.

Second, what should be paid attention to when attaching glass door stickers

1. In the process of cutting the membrane, the area of ​​the membrane is about 1 cm larger than the glass, so it is more convenient to stick it. Secondly, in order to prevent bubbles from occurring during film sticking, you can use the method of positioning with a cross button.

2. Make sure that the tool is not damaged before applying the film, because the damaged tool will scratch the film. In addition, after the film is attached, wipe with a detergent to make the glass brighter and smoother.

Editor's summary: Although the construction of the glass door sticker is relatively simple, it should be constructed with caution, because this effect will be better. Secondly, sharp objects should not be used to scrape the film in daily life. This will scratch the film and shorten its service life.

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