1. Introduction to fluoroplastics:

Fluoroplastics is a general term for various fluoropolymers. It refers to a polymer obtained by self-polymerization of a monomer containing a fluorine atom or copolymerization with other fluorine-free materials. Fluoroplastics are suitable for use as wire and cable because of their excellent electrical properties, thermal stability and mechanical properties. In order to make it easier for everyone to understand the fluoroplastic cable and help the future work, the fluoroplastic cable and its market application will be briefly introduced.

Second, the characteristics of fluoroplastic cable

Compared with common polyethylene PVC cables, fluoroplastic cables have the following outstanding features:

1. High temperature resistant fluoroplastics have extraordinary thermal stability, which makes fluoroplastic cables adapt to high temperature environments of 150 to 200 degrees. Common polyethylene and PVC cables are only suitable for working environments of 70 to 90 degrees. In addition, under the condition of the conductor of the same section, the fluoroplastic cable can transmit a larger allowable current, which greatly improves the use of the cable. Due to this unique performance, the fluoroplastic cable is often used in airplanes, ships, and high temperature furnaces. And internal wiring, lead wires, etc. of electronic equipment.

2. Good flame retardancy Fluorine plastic has a high oxygen index, a small flame diffusion range during combustion, and a small amount of smoke generated. The cable made with it is suitable for places with strict requirements on flame retardancy, such as computer networks, subways, vehicles, high-rise buildings and other public places. In the event of a fire, people can have a certain time to alienate without being smoked by thick smoke. To the precious rescue time.

3. Excellent electrical performance Compared with polyethylene, the dielectric constant of fluoroplastic is lower. Therefore, compared with the coaxial cable of the same structure, the fluoroplastic cable has less attenuation and is more suitable for high-frequency signal transmission. The increasing frequency of use of cables has become a trend, and because fluoroplastics can withstand high temperatures, they are often used as internal wiring for transmission communication equipment, jumpers between wireless transmitting feeders and transmitters, and video audio lines. In addition,

The fluoroplastic cable has good dielectric strength and insulation resistance and is suitable as a control cable for important instrumentation.

4. Mechanochemical properties Perfect fluoroplastics have high chemical bond energy, high stability, almost no influence on temperature changes, excellent weathering resistance and mechanical strength, and are not subject to various acids, bases and organic solvents. Impact, therefore suitable for environmental climate change, corrosive occasions, such as petrochemical, oil refining, oil well instrument control.

5, Conducive to welding connection in electronic equipment, there are many wiring is connected by welding method, because the general plastic melting temperature is low, easy to melt at high temperature, requires skilled welding technology, and some solder joints must have certain The soldering time, which has also become a popular reason for fluoroplastic cables, such as the internal wiring of communication equipment and electronic instruments.

6. The price of fluoroplastic raw materials is high, the production of cables is difficult, the production cost is high, and the selling price is naturally high. This also limits the application of the products. However, it is precisely because of this that customers who need less fluoroplastic cables are required to compete. It will not be too much to consider the price factor.

Third, the type and use of fluoroplastic cable

A variety of fluoroplastics are available for cable insulation. According to current market conditions, the common fluoroplastic cable is a fluorine-46 (FEP) cable. Fluorine-46 is the abbreviation of polyperfluoroethylene propylene, also known as FEP. It is a kind of fluoroplastic with excellent performance. The maximum continuous working temperature can reach 200 degrees, the short-time use temperature can reach 260 degrees, and the oxygen index is greater than 95. Non-combustible, and the dielectric constant is small, the dielectric loss tangent is low, the electrical properties are almost unchanged within a fairly wide temperature range, and it can be made by a method similar to polyethylene extrusion, so it is well received by all parties. .

Fluoroplastic cable can be made into solid core insulation. Among them, physical foamed fluoroplastic cable has been produced and used abroad. It is still in the process of development in China. Usually, we call fluoroplastic cable usually refers to solid fluoroplastic. cable.

There are three common forms of fluoroplastic cable: single core cable, coaxial cable, multi-core cable.

1. Single-core cable or high-temperature wire, the structure is that the inner conductor is single or multi-strand copper wire (tinned copper wire), the outer diameter of the conductor is 0.4~2.0MM, the insulation is fluoroplastic, and the thickness of the insulation is 0.3. ~0.5MM, often used as wiring for aerospace wire, electrical and electronic equipment, and lighting for special occasions.

2. The inner conductor of the coaxial cable is single or multi-strand copper (tinned copper silver copper wire) with a diameter of 1.25~1.6MM. There are three insulation forms: a, fluoroplastic insulation, thickness 0.5~0.7MM, B Fluoroplastic foam insulation, thickness 2.5~3.0MM, C, fluoroplastic and polyethylene combination insulation, that is, the inner layer is insulated with fluoroplastic, and the outer layer is insulated with polyethylene, wherein the thickness of fluoroplastic is 0.04~0.07MM. It is worth mentioning that the coaxial cable insulated with fluoroplastic and polyethylene combines the advantages of product performance and material cost, and is worthy of promotion. This type of cable is often used as a connection for RF cables and electronic equipment.

3. Multi-core cable twists single-core wire or coaxial cable together, which is convenient for multi-core cable. Among them, there are twisted and non-twisted, which are used for industrial computer control and automatic instrumentation control. For special occasions, Category 5 and Category 5 cables, data transmission, audio and video transmission, etc. cable.

It should be noted that fluoroplastic cables have different sheath forms. Fluoroplastic sheaths are usually used in high temperature working environments and special environments. When only electrical properties are required and ambient temperatures are normal, low smoke halogen flame retardant PVC can be used. Sheath, which can greatly reduce production costs and improve the market competitiveness of products.

Fourth, the market operation direction

For the market information of the factory, fluoroplastic cable is an extension of existing products. Due to its excellent high-frequency dielectric properties and heat-resistant flame retardant properties, this cable can be used in computer local area networks and RF signal transmission. We can understand whether customers have such needs in contact with customers. According to the safety requirements of the United States, when a cable insulated with PE or PVC is installed in the indoor pressure ventilation layer, it must be laid inside the metal pipe, and the fluoroplastic cable can be directly installed, so that it has various advantages such as beautiful appearance, safety, and flexible wiring. This can be used in high-end office space. These products are distribution lines, telephone lines, data transmission lines, and so on. Obviously, elevators and fire control cables are more suitable for fluoroplastic cables.

In 1997, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications developed the "Digital RF Coaxial Cable for Digital Office" standard. The cable specified in this standard is insulated with a combination of fluoroplastic and polyethylene. It is used to transmit wiring in the digital office for transmitting telephone, data, and television. For communication services or other communication devices using similar technologies, communication equipment manufacturers and electronic equipment manufacturers are the focus of our market work.

In addition to being used as high temperature wire and oil well logging cable, fluoroplastic cable has been used more and more in industrial automation control. In high temperature environment such as metallurgy, petrochemical, power station, fluoroplastic cable is a good choice.

In addition, fluoroplastic cables can be widely used in general wiring in high-rise buildings, underground shopping malls, tunnels, hotels, and hospitals because of their flame retardancy and low smoke during combustion.

It can be seen that the market for fluoroplastic wire and cable is vast. I believe that with the joint efforts of all, we can discover more market highlights.

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