Building intelligent systems generally include the following systems: integrated wiring systems, computer network systems, telephone systems, cable television and satellite television systems, security monitoring systems, card systems, broadcast announcement systems, building automation systems, hotel management systems, property management systems, Intelligent building management system (centralized control platform) and data center room construction.

1. Integrated cabling system The structured cabling system is the “nervous system” of the entire building and is the foundation of networks, communications and other systems. The structured cabling of the building uses fiber optics as the backbone (telephone trunks use large logarithmic cables), Super Category 5 or Category 6 twisted pairs to the rooms, providing network access.

2. The network system builds a network system on the basis of integrated cabling, provides 100/1000 Mbps access to the system desktop, and deploys wireless networks in open areas, which can provide network coverage without dead ends in the entire building. A variety of network applications can be deployed on the network system, such as office systems, various management systems, video on demand services (IPTV), IP phones, etc. (such as Anychat audio and video). The construction of Internet outlets in the network center, together with security equipment and billing systems, can provide Internet access services to various users in the building.

3, the telephone system uses the integrated wiring infrastructure, configuration of large-capacity program-controlled switches, can provide telephone, fax and other communication services for users in the building. Mobile signal coverage in buildings is generally implemented by mobile companies installing signal amplifiers in corridors.

4. The entire building of the television system is connected to the cable television network and the construction of its own satellite television receiving system can provide TV services for users in the building (hotels, apartments, etc.). If fees are required, satellite TV billing systems can be built in conjunction with it.

5. Security Monitoring System Security monitoring system includes video monitoring system, intrusion detection system and patrol system. The video surveillance system installs cameras at important locations (building entrances, exits, elevators, corridors, etc.), monitors and records in real time, builds security monitoring centers, and sends special personnel to perform monitoring and management. Intrusion detection systems deploy intrusion detectors at important locations to prevent illegal intrusions. The patrol system is where the security personnel regularly patrols according to the planned route to record the patrol situation and results.

6. One-card system The single-card system includes multiple functions such as access control, attendance, consumption, and identity management, which can be deployed according to requirements. The card system can also be combined with hotel management systems, parking management systems, and electronic patrol systems to achieve business expansion.

7. Parking Management The parking management system is used for vehicle access parking and parking fees management, which can be combined with a card system.

8. Broadcast announcement system The broadcast system can be used to play background music, announcements and emergency broadcasts. The announcement system is used for the release of video information. It is equipped with a notice screen in the lobby, lobby, elevator, and other places to broadcast promotional materials, advertisements, and announcements.

9. Building automation system This system performs comprehensive and effective monitoring and management of most of the mechanical and electrical equipment in buildings, such as air-conditioning systems, refrigeration units, high-low voltage loops for power distribution, water supply and drainage circuits, various water pumps, lighting circuits, etc. The state monitoring and start-stop control, status monitoring and fault alarm of the high and low voltage circuit and elevator system of the power distribution and distribution.

10. Hotel Management System The hotel management system generally includes functional modules such as scheduled reception, accounting processing, room center, and report center. Hotel management system Excellent hotel management software can significantly improve hotel service levels and work efficiency, standardize hotel business processes, help hotel managers to timely and comprehensively understand business information, and make more accurate decisions, thus effectively improving hotels. The operating efficiency.

11. The property management system realizes a series of operations such as real estate management, customer management, comprehensive service, safety management, service management, lease management, vehicle management, occupancy management, and asset management for apartment houses and shopping malls, which greatly improves the property The work efficiency can now reflect the intelligent management level of the modern apartment community and advanced management ideas.

12. Intelligent building management system (centralized control platform)

The intelligent integrated management system can integrate all intelligent systems of buildings, realize optimal resource allocation and information sharing, realize global management of the entire intelligent system, and realize the linkage control function among various subsystems.

13. The center of the central computer room refers to the dedicated installation site for storing the core equipment (core network equipment, security equipment, servers, storage, etc.) of each system. It has high requirements for temperature, humidity, space, etc.

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