Water glass is a new imported material. Nowadays, the common imitation glass is made of unsaturated resin material, which is characterized by light weight and knocking on the sound of gold stone without glass. The crafts made with it look like glass, and the price is much lower than that of glass. Water glass is suitable for interior decoration, and it is very good to make partitions such as screens!

In recent years, a large number of low-priced "water glass" products have appeared on the market. In fact, this is a kind of "imitation glass" products, not real glass, just because the merchants deliberately misunderstood with consumers. "Water glass". In the dialectary habits of most parts of China, “parallel imports” means “falsification” or “imitation”, so the real meaning is “false glass”.

Water glaze is a resin product made of transparent resin glue and pigment. It is characterized by low cost, low technical content, simple process and easy mass production. The difference between glass and glaze is mainly in:

1. The resin has a low refractive index and the texture of the product is different. The water glass lacks the crystal sensation of lead crystal glass.

2, the difference in weight, the weight of water glass is about 30% of the glass.

3, water glass is easy to age, the color is unstable.

The identification characteristics of "water glass":

The material of "water glass" is chemical raw materials such as resin and crystal glue. It is similar to transparent plastic and its characteristics are:

A, color: obvious chemical pigments, the same plastic products.

B. Density: equivalent to plastic, far lighter than real glass. Merchants often combine water glass with a large number of metal accessories, which causes confusion in weight. Some bad businesses are deceiving consumers, often At the bottom of the water glass products, hidden heavy objects such as lead blocks are created to create the illusion of "true glass", which can be seen by consumers only by careful identification.

C, sound: the same as plastic products.

D, transparency: obviously turbid, not transparent

E. Preservation time: After one to two years, it will begin to fade, and the feeling of transparency will be worse. In layman's terms: the longer the time, the more like plastic.

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