Buying furniture is something that people will meet. In daily life, what people need to buy is basically home furniture. Compared to home furniture used by our family, there are not so many people who understand the brand of office furniture. So today we talk about which brand of office chair is good . Next, let's take a look at the famous brands of this office chair .


1, Shengao

In the top ten brands of office chairs, Shengao is also very familiar to everyone. As one of the top ten brands of office chairs, Shengao is the first in China's domestic office furniture industry to obtain the provincial patent demonstration enterprise and also the enterprise technology center enterprise. As one of the top ten brands of office chairs, Shengao won the Gold Award for Design for the eighth consecutive year at the China International Office Furniture Fair. Its production technology is internationally leading technology.

2. Yangtze River

Shenzhen Changjiang Furniture Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise invested by Hong Kong Kwong Wah Far East (Trade) Development Corporation in Shenzhen in 1986. Its predecessor was Shenzhen Buji Changjiang Furniture Factory. In 1998, the company expanded its production scale and relocated the factory from Shenzhen Phuket. To Shenzhen Longhua, and officially changed its name to "Shenzhen Yangtze River Furniture Co., Ltd.".

3. Meihua Residence

Shenzhen Meihuaju Trading Co., Ltd., established in 1997, is headquartered in Fuyong Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, and is located on the 107th National Road, covering an area of ​​35,000 m2. After more than ten years of ups and downs, the company has been adhering to the corporate spirit of adhering to integrity, focusing on cooperation, and pioneering spirit under the impetus of reform and development in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. From scratch, from small to large, the company has rapidly developed into a Shenzhen furniture industry. By.

4, beautiful home

“Elegant Home” fashion furniture is the latest masterpiece dedicated by Evergrande for stylish families. It is positioned in fashion, nature and pure beauty. The design features smooth lines as the main body, and is complemented by different colors. The style is simple and modern, natural and fashionable. Describe the young people's sunny living space.

5. Olin

Olin is one of the top ten office chair brands and one of the leading companies in China's domestic office furniture industry. It has advanced production equipment. Its product quality is very guaranteed. And in 1999 it took the lead through the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification. Olin is also the latter in the furniture industry who was the first to obtain Chinese CTA certification.


How to choose office chair

In adding office furniture, comfortable office chairs are crucial. A good chair should be free to adjust to achieve maximum comfort by adjusting the backrest, chair and armrests. Although seats with these features are more expensive, they are worth the money.

There are many styles of office chairs, and they are also relatively free to use. As long as they are used correctly, the same office chair can perform different functions in different spaces. However, compared to the backrest chair used in the restaurant or study, the user needs to decide in the office environment, but the following aspects should be noted when purchasing:

1, the depth of the office chair is more formal occasions, people sit more seated. The person's posture must be correct, you need to sit in front of the chair more "light" position. If you are at home, people will be more relaxed and this situation cannot be deeper. Therefore, when buying, you should sit down and try to feel the depth of the whole body when you are seated. You can know whether it meets office needs.

2, office chair - the height of the chair leg and the user's feet long and closed, of course, in addition to bar stools high chair, the general chair seat height is not too exaggerated, but if the unit does have a short stature People should also consider it.

3. When seated at the height of the armrest, if you are accustomed to putting your hands down, you may choose an office chair with a lower armrest or no armrest; but if you like to reduce the entire person to the middle of the office chair, the armrest is higher. The seat with a deep seat is probably the best choice.

4, the height of the back of the chair likes people who are sitting in the end, in addition to the choice of no armrests, backrest stools, you can also choose low armrests and low back chairs; if you like to focus on the back and therefore rely on the backrest, then may wish Select the office chair with a high backrest. At this time, you can also see if the height of the backrest is near the neck. Sometimes the height of the backrest of the chair is near the neck. Instead, the user habitually places the neck at a ninety degree angle on the backrest, which in turn can easily cause injury to the neck.

The above is about the office chair brand and office chair how to choose the relevant introduction, I hope to be helpful to you, more about office chair related knowledge, please pay attention to GO good home information channel.

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