At first glance, first look at the color of the towel against the light, the shiny is generally not a cotton towel, it must be a paint towel mixed with polyester or other fibers.

Second touch, the cotton towel feels very soft to touch, the hard must be fake.

Three combs, use a hand to comb the towel to observe whether it is hair loss, if you have a little hair loss, don't be disappointed, this is a 100% cotton towel, and the smooth towel that does not lint is mostly chemical fiber towel.

Four picks, the last thing to look at is whether the terry of the towel is neat and tidy, whether the towel curling edge, the tooth edge and the seam edge jump needle are flawed.

Hot Rolled and Cold Bending Steel Channel

Hot Rolled and Cold Bending Steel Channel,Hot Rolled Steel Channel,Cold Bending Steel Channel

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