In recent years, Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd. metal powder manufacturing business has been around the "powder" word to make a fuss in the consolidation of a sound and mature products, it has introduced a new powder new products and provide technical support to customers in more fields, Continue to lead the technology of the powder industry...

In recent years, the metal powder manufacturing division of Henan Huanghe Cyclone Co., Ltd. has been making a fuss about the word “powder”. While consolidating and perfecting mature products, it has continuously introduced new powder new products to provide technical support to customers in more fields. Leading the technological advancement of the powder industry, all economic data has achieved rapid growth. Especially since 2018, the business department has focused on the powder field and has achieved remarkable results in all aspects. For example, through effective management and control, product consistency has been fundamentally improved; by further combing the process, cost-effectiveness has achieved new breakthroughs; Increased research and development investment, successfully entered the new powder field, such as metal powder for flux cored wire and stainless steel powder for PM, which were unveiled and brought to market.



What is a good product? In the field of powder production, there is a saying that it is not difficult to make a powder, and it is not difficult to make a powder with better performance. It is difficult to achieve consistency in powder properties. Over the years, the quality consistency of powder has always plagued the development of the powder application industry. The Metal Powder Manufacturing Division has attached great importance to this. It has invested more than 20 million yuan to introduce advanced powder testing instruments and equipment such as inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer. Established a leading comprehensive testing center in China, and introduced doctors in the professional fields of Central South University and Northeastern University, continuously promoted technological progress, strictly controlled product indicators, and continuously narrowed the scope of indicators to make the performance characteristics of single products more prominent; Second, vigorously promote the operation guidance system, use the operation instructions to control the process, so that the product stability is guaranteed; Third, from the system guidance, through the reform of the salary performance assessment method, change the operator's one-sided pursuit of production awareness and behavior, Guide the operator to put process and quality control first, so that product quality is further guaranteed. Equipment + operation + awareness, three-pronged, so that the consistency of the Yellow River cyclone powder products has been fundamentally guaranteed, effectively promoting the healthy development of the powder application industry.

Thanks to the improvement of product consistency, in 2018, the production and sales of Huanghe cyclone powder products continued to grow rapidly, further consolidating the position of the market leader in pre-alloyed powder for diamond tools. However, for a long time, the pre-alloyed powder for diamond tools faces the problems of poor formability and unsatisfactory product sharpness. For this reason, the division is developing a new generation of diamond tools under the leadership of Wu Haowang, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The pre-alloyed powder has overcome two key problems in the pre-alloy powder industry, which has greatly improved the manufacturing and use performance of diamond products, and the products have been used in a wider range. At the same time, the division has also developed the new pre-alloyed powder of SF series. In Hebei, Shandong, Ezhou, Jiangsu and other markets, the promotion effect is good, and it has been greatly recognized by customers. The monthly sales volume has reached more than 8 tons, achieving a new breakthrough in cost-effectiveness. Currently, the division has also established a next-generation diamond tool. The pre-alloy powder development project has completed experiments such as technical routes and process standards.



It has also achieved remarkable results in the research and development and promotion of new products across the field. For example, in the welding powder market, with the continuous development of the shipbuilding industry, machinery, automobile manufacturing, equipment industry and other fields in recent years, market demand is increasing. Among them, flux cored welding material is a high-tech product. Its appearance and development have adapted to the development trend of high-efficiency, low-cost, automatic and intelligent production of welding production. It has been accepted by more and more enterprises, and it is gradually The trend of replacing manual electrodes will yield good economic benefits. PM stainless steel products are widely used in the automobile, motorcycle industry, refrigerators, washing machines, hair dryers and other household appliances industries as well as lawn mowers, sewing machines, power tools and other hardware industries. As the national economy improves, its use range is gradually broadening. The amount of use is increasing. Faced with such a huge market, the business unit has analyzed and demonstrated that the product research and development team headed by Yang Dong, a doctor of non-ferrous metallurgy at Northeastern University, immediately established the powder for the two fields, and put the research direction on nickel powder and boron. Development of powder for core-cored welding materials such as iron powder and nickel-chromium powder and PM stainless steel powder. After unremitting efforts and arduous exploration, the Yellow River Cyclone has successfully developed various types of welding consumables such as nickel powder, boron iron powder and nickel chrome powder, and various stainless steel powders for PM. The indicators of these metal powders are currently reaching the industry. Excellent level, the input-output rate is over 85%. Through the promotion and use in the first half of the year, the situation of volume demand has already appeared.

The development of nickel powder for flux cored wire and stainless steel powder for PM has achieved breakthroughs in powder products. Through promotion and trial use, mass production has been achieved in the first half of the year. The market feedback is good, and the monthly sales volume has reached more than 20 tons.

From the perspective of the entire powder metallurgy market, the metal powder market has a very broad market prospect. Especially in recent years, the powder metallurgy market in Asian countries is growing steadily. In 2019, the global powder metallurgy market will reach 32.5 billion US dollars, which will surely drive the rapid growth of metal powder shipments. However, the US market research According to the report released by the company, the global market for metal powders is still small. In the near future, as new application fields are developed and put into commercial operation, the global metal powder market will have an annual average of nearly 13%. increase.


Boron iron powder

Faced with such a broad market prospect, the Yellow River Cyclone Metal Powder Manufacturing Division will rely on its brand advantage to focus on the powder field business, further increase its process control and R&D investment, and continue to innovate, thereby forming new core competitiveness and economic growth. We will continue to lead the continuous development of the powder industry by promoting continuous improvement in all aspects of our business and the company and meeting strong market demands.

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