Waterproof coatings are becoming more and more popular during the renovation. Everyone knows that if the waterproof is not handled properly during the renovation, the troubles caused by the stay will be great, so the waterproof coating will be better. Following small to tell you about what Yu-hong waterproof coating okay and acceptance criteria for water projects Yes.

Rainwater waterproof coating please

1, high solid content: Yuhong waterproof coating okay , first of all, this brand of active ingredients up to 74%, much higher than the market's solid content of about 65% of similar products, although the brand's price is high, but it also belongs to This kind of real materials can reach the same construction thickness and the amount of products used is 10 to 20% lower than similar products on the market, so it is still economical.

2. Raw materials: Yuhong high-bodied thick acrylic waterproof coatings are made of acrylic emulsions produced by BASF, Dow, and other famous foreign chemical companies. The water resistance of the products is also relatively good. Basically, it does not contain harmful substances such as VOCs and formaldehyde. It is also considered to be superior.

3, mechanical properties: Compared with similar products on the market, the main physical and mechanical properties of this product is 10 to 30% higher than similar products.

4. Drying speed: The drying time of the product under standard conditions is only half that of the similar products on the market.

5. Strong deformation resistance to the base layer: The product has an elongation rate of 350% or more, so this product can resist deformation of the base layer, and it is a product that resists deformation of the base layer in water-based waterproof material. It is suitable for the construction of new buildings. waterproof.

6. Environmental performance: Water is a dispersion medium, no solvent pollution, non-toxic, non-combustible, it is a green environmental protection product (through the ten environmental certification).

What is the acceptance criteria for waterproofing projects?

1, waterproof construction should be used for coating waterproof material.

2, waterproof material performance This is also in line with the provisions of the relevant national standards, and should have a product certificate.

3, the surface of the grass-roots level should be flat, without hollowing, sanding, cracking and other defects. The base layer moisture content should meet the construction requirements for waterproof materials. The waterproof layer should extend from the ground to the wall, if it is 250mm above the ground. The height of the waterproof layer on the bathroom wall should not be less than 1800mm.

4, waterproof cement mortar leveling layer and the base combination of dense, no empty drums, the surface smooth and smooth, no cracks, sand, yin and yang angle made of rounded shape.

5, coating waterproof layer brushing uniform, thickness to meet the requirements of product specifications, the general thickness is not less than 1.5mm not exposed.

6, the use of construction joints should be lapped in the direction of the water, the lap width is not less than 100mm, the use of more than two layers of glass fiber cloth when the upper and lower overlapping lap width should be one-half.

7. After the completion of the waterproofing project, it is necessary to do a water storage test for 24 hours.

Summary: What about Yuhong waterproof coating and the acceptance criteria of waterproofing project? It is introduced to this. It is believed that everyone has heard of Yuhong brand. This brand is more famous in the industry. It is worth trusting a good product.

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