In the YWP stainless steel single tube submerged pump idle, do a good job of maintenance work is particularly important, because in the usual maintenance work done, either to keep the machine too fast aging, you can also extend its Life, to ensure the quality of the pump used. Then we usually how to YWP stainless steel single tube submerged pump for maintenance? The following small series to introduce several ways to YWP stainless steel single tube submerged pump method, as follows: YWP stainless steel single tube submerged pump maintenance 1. After each use, especially for thicker and more viscous slurry, the pump should be placed in the water to run for a few minutes to prevent deposits left in the pump to ensure the cleanliness of the pump. 2. The pump should be managed and used by someone, and regularly check the pump circuit and pump work is normal. 3. Under normal conditions, the pump should be refilled or replaced with oil (10-30 # oil) after 300-500 hours of use, keeping the mechanical seal in good lubrication and improving the service life of the mechanical seal. 4. The sealing ring between the impeller and the pump body has sealing function, for example, the damage of the sealing ring will directly affect the performance of the pump, and should be replaced if necessary. Further reading: China Construction Water Expo Guangzhou Industrial Expo leader ring Pump manufacturers ranking Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Daohui (QQ / WeChat:) (Services Hotline:)

Anti aging Masterbatch also called the sun light color masterbatch,its main function is used in outdoor plastic products,after a long time of exposure to othe sun and wind and rain,alternating temperature extremes,acid corrosion in the natural environment,can keep a long time no color,no fading ,no migration ,and at the same time prolonging aging time of plastic product itself the.Widely used in rubber and plastic runway ,outdoor floor,artificial lawn and other simulation facilities.

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